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ABE (Alternative Behavior Educator) is a web-based program that allows the school administrator to immediately provide an evidence based program to the student for the offense that just occurred. ABE consists of three levels.

Level I (PK-3)

Level II (4-6)

Level I of the program takes approximately 15 minutes per module and is read to the student. Level I can be used individually or in a group/classroom setting. Printable activity sheets related to the modules are available to reinforce the content of the module.
Level II can also be used in a group/classroom setting but is recommended to be used with each individual student. The modules take approximately 30 minutes and are also read to the student.

Level III (7-12)

Level III is for individual instruction and is also read to the student. The student is assigned three (3) modules per offense. Each module will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. Once the student starts the program and must exit, the program will bookmark and start the student back at that point when they log in again.

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Teach Mathematics and Science

the way your students learn best —

in context!

Teachers who want to reach the different learning styles of all their students need strategies, techniques, and instructional materials that support this approach. Cord materials incorporate the "REACT" strategies for contextual teaching and learning:

In which the concept to be learned is linked with something the student already knows.

Hands-on activities and teacher explanation allow students to discover and "own" new knowledge.

In which students apply their new knowledge to real-world situations and to solve problems.

Where students solve problems as a team both to reinforce their knowledge and to develop collaborative skills.

In which students take what they have learned and use it in new contexts and situations.

Don't accept poor substitutes for the real thing!

Adopt CORD —the only fully contextual textbooks available for math and science.

Career Headlines

Career Solutions

Work ethics make or break a career

Work ethics are more important in some careers than others. Right?


No matter what your career, employers say work ethics is the one characteristic that can make or break your success.

This emphasis on work ethics can create a problem if you work with bosses or others who are a few years, or a generation, older. They often see work ethics through different eyes than yours.

Because they make the decisions about whether you keep your job or lose it, and whether you will receive promotions or stay at the same level, it makes sense for you to develop a work ethic that meets your bosses' expectations.

Here’s an example of the differences in expectations between one manager and a 20-year-old employee:

She came in five minutes late three days in a row, talked to her friends while waiting on customers, kept her cell phone nearby so she could read her texts when she heard a message tone, and asked her boss if she could change her schedule to take next weekend off.

The frustrated manager started thinking of firing the employee. He wondered, “Doesn’t she know any better? Does she understand what a solid work ethic means?”

Identify all the non-ethical behavior of the young employee and then describe how she should have behaved in each instance.

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